Latest Inspiration - Things change

I know its been about years since my last blog post so I thought I should write about how things change like interests and inspiration.

About a year ago I was purely focused on Commercial photography, don't get me wrong I am still very much in love with it but I was at a point where I couldn't understand why a photographer would have a dirty lens, everything had to perfect and clean - fast forward to now and I'm spending hours researching and playing around with my cameras putting cling wrap over my lens to achive a weird fog, looking at werid and wonderfull way to manipulate my imager before it sits on a harddrive, interesting flares and shooting with UV filters that have been stepped on and shatterd.

This change of heart came from looking at some old classic photographers in bookstores and really looking into the unpredictable nature of film. recently I've really been inspired by Petra Collins - the softness, the flares, the Haze, her work is really something else!

Here are some examples:

Credit -

Additional Imagery I've been really interested in:

Unfortunately I couldn't find the creators of these images as this was just pulled from my pinterest board where there were no links beside to stores. - Let me know if you do recognise the works. some are scenes blade runner, star wars and others are just by talented photographers.

This weekend I'm heading to Melbourne for a commercial job but to mix my two passions I'm also shooting a couple fashion shoots pursued by my  kind of new inspiration and interets.

I hope you enjoyed my little self-indulgent update and stay tuned to see the imagery that comes out of these shoots as I will update this post with all the imagery.

UPDATE - My Photos! 

Now back in Sydney I've had the film developed and although missing some shots I'm reallyu happy with the outcome and have learnt allot in how these new filters and work and turn out - here are the shots!



With Carson.



With Thomas